Antique Bathroom Vanity

An antique bathroom vanity is one option for your bathroom, but antique bathroom vanities, especially antique bathroom vanity cabinets, come in two varieties: actual antiques and reproductions. A reproduction antique bathroom vanity resembles an older or period piece bathroom vanity in appearance but is a newly-made bathroom vanity. Both are lumped into the antique bathroom vanity category, although a reproduction vanity is sometimes referred to as an antique style bathroom vanity, as the vanity isn’t an older piece of furniture and has no period-piece or collective value. In addition, when looking for an antique bathroom vanity, an antique bathroom vanity set, at 49 inches or more typically, can be simply an older piece of furniture with a sink basin and plumbing installed into the furniture. These antique bathroom furniture vanities can be fragile, as they were not intended to be bathroom furniture.

A reproduction, or antique style bathroom vanity, has different characteristics than a true antique bathroom vanity and they should be taken into consideration when looking for an antique vanity for your bathroom.

When considering an authentic antique bathroom vanity for your bathroom, examine the surface of the bathroom vanity, as an older wood surface is more prone to water damage than a newer wood surface. Even as an older piece of furniture, an antique bathroom vanity should have a surface treatment such as nitrocellulose wood lacquer to protect the wood from any water damage that could occur from exposure to moisture in a bathroom. Modifications, in addition, may need to be done to assure that the antique bathroom vanity remains in solid condition during use and won’t become damaged from moisture and water exposure. To protect an authentic antique vanity, a sealer needs to be used on all surfaces on the inside and outside of an antique bathroom vanity. Using a sealer on all wood surfaces will prevent wood swelling and sticking together from moisture. Although a sealer should be used with all true antique bathroom vanities, it should be used in particular with antique furniture such as drawers and cabinets that have been converted into antique bathroom vanities. In addition, to protect the top of a wood antique bathroom vanity unit, the top of the vanity can be replaced with modern stone or another new, durable material.