Small Bathroom Vanities

Small bathrooms are hard places to maneuver inside. Your sink is likely inches away from the toilet, which may be inches away from a stand up-only shower, and there's less than two feet between any of the fixtures and a wall. Sound like your bathroom at home? If you think you need to put up with the limitations of a small bathroom, you don't have to. Your bathroom too can have some storage space and a counter if you install a small bathroom vanity.

Attractive and practical, small bathroom vanities do everything a sink already does and more. While equipped with a sink basin, a small bathroom vanity does more than run water. Designed with a wooden cabinet below and a stone counter on top, a bathroom vanity can become a storage place for any cleaning products, towels, hair tools, or shaving products you readily need in a bathroom. Enough with the plastic shower crates for storage. Keep everything dry by installing a small bathroom vanity in the corner of the room.

If the small size of your bathroom limits your morning routine, a small bathroom vanity can also be of assistance in this aspect. Allow the small counter to be a resting place for your makeup, hairdryer, or shaver in the morning. Set it down as you get ready and don't worry about it falling into the sink.

Small bathroom vanities come in several styles. If you are looking at small vanities for a narrow bathroom, consider 24-inch wide vanities – the smallest size offered by ICA Furniture. Ideally, bathroom vanities for your small space should be no longer than 36 inches. Even with this small size, bathroom vanities have finished wood cabinets and stone countertops. Choose from light and dark finishes – and even white for an antique look. The stone countertop comes in white or patchwork marble or granite. Find the right color combination for your space.