Double Vanities

Double sink vanities come in a few options for your bathroom. The main factor to consider in purchasing double bathroom vanities is who will be using it. Double vanities can range from furniture-like double bathroom vanities to conventional cabinet vanities for the bathroom. Double sink bathroom vanities come in a number of styles, including short double sink vanities, modern double vanities, glass top double vanities, solid wood double sink vanities, and black double sink granite vanities, and many of these double vanities can blend in with your current bathroom décor. Another aspect to consider is the space the vanity will take up. Sizes can include 48 inch double vanities, 60 inch double vanities, and 72 inch double vanities, and many of these double sink vanities can come in a set with a mirror or hutch mirror that is either as wide as the vanity itself or as wide as the sinks. Before browsing through double sink bathroom vanities, measure the amount of available space in your bathroom for a vanity and a mirror.

How many people using the vanity and how often will determine which materials are better. Double sink vanities for a large group of people or families should be made of materials that won't become worn easily with multiple uses. Double sink bathroom vanities meeting these requirements should have a durable surface such as natural stones and solid cabinetry. In addition, with multiple users, double sink vanities should have more counter space, and larger double vanities, such as 72 inch double vanities, would be more appropriate. However, if the people using the double sink vanity are of varying heights, especially with parents and children in a family, double sink vanities of multiple heights might be a better option so that no one needs to strain or stoop down when using the vanity.

When a double sink vanity is purely for individual use, the materials of double sink vanities still need to be taken into consideration, especially as a bathroom with more moisture from a shower or bathtub can cause certain materials, particularly particleboard, to swell.

Another aspect to consider when looking through double bathroom vanities cabinets is what will be stored inside the vanity. Double sink vanities can have one large door for the vanity cabinet, two smaller doors opening to a larger storage space, or two doors opening to individual, smaller storage spaces. Vanities, including double bathroom vanities, store common bathroom supplies, including hair and shaving supplies, makeup, and bathroom cleaning supplies. Larger vanities, including double sink vanities, can even be used as a linen closet to hold towels.

Many double sink bathroom vanities come with a mirror or hutch mirror. Although double sink vanities with mirrors often have a matching mirror that is the width of the vanity or the space between sinks, measure your bathroom wall to see if you have enough space for a mirror. While the width should be measured, so should the space between the vanity and the ceiling. Some bathroom vanity mirrors attach to the vanity cabinets, and for double bathroom sink vanities with a mirror attached, make sure that both the vanity and the mirror are made of materials that won’t become damaged from exposure to moisture.