Single Vanity Info

When you want a sink and storage space in your bathroom, what should you do? If the space of the room is limited, consider a single sink bathroom vanity. Designed with a wooden cabinet, stone countertop, and a sink basin, a single vanity gives you the convenience of a sink with the storage space for linens, cleaning supplies, and anything else you keep in your bathroom regularly. If you're looking for a particular style for your home, all single vanity sinks come in traditional and contemporary styles. Find a style that complements your existing bathroom but still stands out.

For many, a traditional single vanity goes well with the existing decor. This design keeps the sink and cabinets in one piece and looks like the centerpiece of a room. The cabinets, made from wood, come in a variety of finishes. Choose from light parchment-like finishes at ICA Furniture, as well as darker shades. The stone countertop, additionally, comes in as many shades in synthetic or real granite or marble. Find a vanity made from darker wood with a light marble countertop, or a vanity with a parchment finish for the cabinets and a granite countertop. Many more possibilities exist for traditional models.

If you're looking for a simple design that offers practicality, consider a contemporary single sink bath vanity. Modern or contemporary designs are made from glass and metal. A contemporary single sink vanity at ICA Furniture, for example, is designed from a steel base and glass basin with a chrome faucet and a glass storage cabinet. As you can see with this design, the cabinet and sink portions are separate. If the space in your bathroom is limited, the versatility offered by these separate components can be arranged in a number of ways. Additionally, the simplicity of the glass and metal goes with many styles of decor.