Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities are available in single- and double-sink styles. Although single-sink vanities are common in many homes and a significant upgrade, in style and functionality, from a sink, double bathroom vanities may be far more beneficial for some homes. If your home for four or more has only one bathroom, consider installing a double sink vanity to streamline everyone's routines for getting ready in the morning.

With a larger wooden cabinet, a longer marble top, and two sinks, double bathroom vanities range in size from 60 to 72 inches. The sinks are located on each side of the stone top, and the larger size also allows for more storage options. Designed with one larger door or two smaller cabinets, each double sink bathroom vanity has ample interior room for storing linens, towels, hair and shaving tools, and cleaning supplies. Everyone who uses the bathroom will have space for their toiletries inside the double vanity cabinet.

A double sink bathroom vanity is convenient for those getting ready in the morning or evening. If a house or apartment has only one bathroom, a double sink vanity allows more than one person to use the space. Instead of getting up earlier or waiting for your family members or roommates to finish, get up, ready, and out the door quicker with a double sink bathroom vanity.

Several styles are available for double sink bathroom vanities. Although designed typically with a traditional style, many double sink vanities have a wooden cabinet made out of finished hardwood and a counter top of real or synthetic stone. For many double vanities, the top and counter play off each other with contrasting shades: A white marble top may be paired with a darker finished cabinet. The stone and cabinet may also blend into each other. Patch work marble, for example, often blends in with a medium finish wooden cabinet. No matter the style you choose, find a double sink bathroom vanity that matches your current d├ęcor.