Bathroom Vanity Combo

A sink by itself seems practically inadequate compared to a bathroom vanity. With a sink and additional features, a bathroom vanity includes a combo of practical aspects: a sink, a cabinet, and a countertop. If your bathroom does not have enough storage space, a bathroom vanity of any size provides a place for towels, linens, cleaning supplies, hair tools, or any other items. The counter, additionally, offers you a surface for placing these items. A bathroom vanity combo may also include a matching mirror, which is typically sized with the width of the fixture.

A bathroom vanity on its own is a combination of features. A sink basin is paired with a practical and attractive cabinet and a stone countertop. The sink function of your bathroom is now more than just running water: A bathroom vanity gives your space a cabinet for storage and a counter for convenience. On a design level, all three aspects work together: The finish of the wood matches the light or dark color of the natural stone counter, or these two pieces may contrast from each other, providing a simultaneous and intentional lack of uniformity and cohesiveness.

A mirror may be part of a bathroom vanity combo. Matching the main part of the fixture, a mirror is crafted with the same hand-carved look as the cabinets and may have the same finish. Typically, as well, the mirror is the same width as the vanity. Double bathroom vanities, however, have two possible combinations for mirrors. Some sets include a single mirror expanding the width of both sinks and designed for use by two individuals. Other sets, instead, have two mirrors in a single wooden frame. Each mirror is parallel to a sink basin and is framed by hand-carved and finished wood.

Several sizes are available for a bathroom vanity combo. Single-sink vanities range in size from 24 to 64 inches, and double-sink vanities start at 50 inches and are as wide as 86 inches.