72 Inch Bathroom Vanity

Has the sink in your bathroom proved to be less useful and more of a hassle in the morning? Don't settle on a small bathroom fixture. When multiple people share a bathroom, bigger is often better. Instead of your single-basin sink, why not go for a 72 inch bathroom vanity?

A double vanity, a 72-inch design expands the capabilities of your space. Your single basin has now doubled, and with it are an attractive stone countertop and a large set of wood cabinets underneath. Not only can two people use the space in the morning, but once you're done, you can store your supplies in the cabinet underneath. A 72-inch bathroom vanity is one of the larger double models and offers ample counter space and two basins. A mirror may also be included.

In deciding to go with a 72-inch bathroom vanity, have you considered what style you want for your space? Bathroom vanities in general provide several attractive options that can blend in with your existing decor. Although the vanity essentially becomes the centerpiece of the space, you don't want it to stick out too much and appear out of place or tacky.

The foundation of a 72-inch bathroom vanity is the cabinet below. Made out of hardwood, a vanity cabinet is equipped with shelves inside and drawers. Several finishes are possible. For a darker look, go with an espresso shade. For something light, many finishes give the wood a honey color. Additionally, if you want the vanity to have an antique look, consider the many white painted cabinets.

A counter and two sinks are on top of the cabinet. Real or synthetic stone is used for the counter, and marble and granite are two common options. If you want a darker look over all, go with a granite or patchwork marble stone top paired with an espresso-finished set of cabinets. Marble may also be white with gray veins, and this stone can either sharply contrast with the cabinets below or blend in with a white or light-colored finish.