60 Inch Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities are made large and small. Smaller designs, such as those around 24 inches long, usually fit in corners and are ideal for getting the most storage out of limited space. These same attributes benefit larger bathrooms. In addition to an attractive appearance, larger bathroom vanities add a sizeable amount of storage through a single-shelf cabinet and offer a countertop. As one of the larger sizes, a 60 inch bathroom vanity gives a space a larger wooden cabinet and stone counter. In a single or double design, a 60 inch bathroom vanity can offer ample counter space, two sinks, or a combination of both.

All bathroom vanities, regardless of size, consist of a wooden cabinet, a stone top, and a sink basin. A mirror accompanies most units. The cabinet is typically made out of finished hardwood, and real marble or granite is often used for the stone top. A synthetic stone, however, may also be used.

Larger counter space is an asset of single-sink 60-inch bathroom vanities. A clear advantage over an ordinary sink, a single-sink design offers a large surface area, which is beneficial for those with extensive beauty and grooming routines. With an ordinary sink, where can you place your hairdryer, flat iron, or trimmer as you get ready? Have all tools and styling supplies out and ready to go on a single-sink 60-inch bathroom vanity, and put them away into the cabinet once you are finished. Most single-sink 60-inch bathroom vanities are designed with a larger cabinet below.

A 60-inch bathroom vanity is also one of the smaller sizes for double-sink designs. Made with two sink basins, these bathroom vanities give your space more convenience. While the storage consisting of one large or two smaller cabinets is helpful for keeping towels, cleaning supplies, and other items nearby, the two basins on each double 60-inch bathroom vanity allow more than one person to use the space at a time.