Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Info

When you need additional storage space in your bathroom, what are some options? Those looking to bring together the convenience of a sink with the space of cabinets should consider installing bathroom vanity cabinets. These fixtures, in traditional and modern styles, include a wooden chest of cabinets supporting a stone countertop and sink basin. The cabinet portion, for traditional styles, is made from stained wood and has a combination of drawers and doors for holding large and small items. Contemporary bathroom vanity cabinets, on the other hand, use glass and metal and are separate from the sink.

What are some options for bathroom vanity sink cabinets? For most homeowners, the two factors to consider are decor and space. For the latter, ask yourself, "What are my needs?" and "How much space do I have?" Realizing your needs is simple: consider how many people use this bathroom every day. If the room is always experiencing a large amount of food traffic, a double vanity might benefit the space - and quicken your morning routine. Additionally, measure the amount of space available. Double bathroom vanities, for example, need at least 60 inches of space, while single-sink designs are smaller and take up less room.

If a double bathroom vanity will benefit the space, two options for cabinets are available: single-door and double-door styles. Although the amount of space is nearly the same with these two forms, how linens and other items are stored may vary with each arrangement. Single-sink vanities, on the other hand, are often designed with one door and multiple drawers. These bathroom cabinets allow you to store a modest amount of linens or cleaning products inside, while the drawers can hold many smaller items, such as toiletries and grooming products.

Find the set of bathroom vanity cabinets that meets your storage needs and compliments your space best. Choose from larger and smaller models and traditional and contemporary styles to match your decor.