Bathroom Vanities For Sale

Have you been thinking about adding a bathroom vanity to your home, but the cost seems too prohibitive? Look for bathroom vanities for sale. A wholesale retailer like ICA Furniture has sales on its inventory on occasion, and vanities already reduced in price are sold at an even greater discount. Consider a sale on bathroom vanities to be the perfect opportunity to add a sink with a real stone top and attractive hand-carved cabinet to your space.

Spur your home renovation project by looking at bathroom vanities for sale on ICA Furniture. You already know what you need to do – re-routing the plumbing from your existing sink to a new device – and have some intent of expanding the features of the room With limited space available, particularly for small apartment bathrooms, a vanity is the perfect addition. In just a small amount of room, the vanity offers a wooden cabinet with one shelf inside, a real stone counter, and a sink – or two.

Before you start looking at bathroom vanities for sale, however, decide why you want one. Are you trying to upgrade the appearance of your bathroom, or are you thinking about adding additional features? For the latter option, which types of features do you want or need? Many add a double vanity, for example, for the convenience of two sinks in one space; getting ready in the morning, with two or more people living in the house, will take less time.

A single sink vanity also has some advantages. In addition to an attractive appearance, these bathroom vanities can offer a room more counter space – single-sink designs go up to 60 inches – and provide one cabinet that will increase the storage options in your bathroom.

When bathroom vanities are on sale, however, models fly fast, and going to ICA Furniture should be done as soon as possible. Think about the type of bathroom vanity you want, and then see what our sales offers.