Bath Vanity Info

A bath vanity is made up of components including a
cabinet, a bath vanity top, and a bath vanity sink. These parts of a
bath vanity can come in many material options, with wood, stone, and
copper bath vanity furniture as some options for your bathroom. With
many styles, including vintage bath vanity and luxury bath vanity
options, available, both the bath vanity cabinet and sink have a few
options. While the size of a
bath vanity
can vary, with a small size being a 24, 25, or 26 inch bath vanity,
another factor that can affect the size of a bath vanity is the sink. A
bath vanity sink comes in a number of designs and can be installed in a
number of ways on the bath vanity top that will increase or decrease the
amount of space available in bath vanity cabinets.

The types of bath vanity sinks available include wall
mounted sinks, pedestal sinks, vessel sinks, framed sinks, drop-in
sinks, under mount sinks, and bath vanity cabinet style sinks. Some of
these bath vanity sink designs, such as mounted and pedestal sinks, are
only common in contemporary bath vanity styles, which often have the
bath vanity cabinet and sink separate. Others are common for traditional
bath vanities and vanity tops. A vessel sink, for example, is a bath
vanity exposed sink or a bath vanity set bowl sink; for either name, the
bowl of the sink sits on the bath vanity top. The bath vanity exposed
sink is mounted to the bath vanity top or cabinet, which is mounted to
the wall or floor. The materials used for a bath vanity set bowl sink
include glass, stone, and porcelain options. Although a bath vanity
exposed sink sits above the bath vanity top, the plumbing is still
concealed by the bath vanity cabinets.