Bathroom Cabinets Vanities Info

Adding additional storage space is a benefit associated with bathroom vanities. No matter the size, bathroom vanities and cabinets have compartments to store towels and other linens, toiletries, cosmetics, hair tools, and many other items. A medicine cabinet isn't enough to hold these items, and if a bathroom isn't equipped with a linen cabinet, storing towels and sheets can be done inside a bathroom vanity. In addition, the design of these bathroom cabinets and vanities allows for counter space - a feature not added to many standalone sinks.

Bathroom vanities and cabinets are designed in traditional and modern styles. The former type consists of a set of wooden cabinets, with a counter and a sink on top. Larger vanities - some are 73 inches long at ICA Furniture - offer more storage space, but all are designed with a combination of cabinets and small drawers. The cabinets, with either one or two doors, will hold various items inside. Some will store cleaning products, such as bleach and tile cleaner, inside, while the full and open space of these cabinets becomes a small linen closet to others. The smaller drawers on the sides of the vanities are often used to store toiletries and other small items.

Modern bathroom cabinets and vanities are becoming a common sight in many homes, as well. Also called contemporary bathroom vanities, these fixtures are designed with metal and glass and have a different format than traditional wooden designs. The modern bathroom vanities and cabinets sold at ICA Furniture often have the sink and cabinet portions separate. If space is limited, one of these fixtures can be arranged to fit your needs within the room. Although the sink and cabinets are separate, in this case, the cabinet portion can still be used to store linens, cleaning products, and many other items.

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