Bathroom Vanities Ideas

Need some ideas for bathroom vanities? If you are thinking about replacing your ordinary sink with a bathroom vanity, consider the advantages:

More features in a small space. A bathroom vanity comes with a wooden cabinet below, a sink basin, and a stone countertop. The cabinet offers your bathroom more storage space. Keep any cleaning supplies, towels, linens, hair tools (hairdryers, flat irons), shavers, and any other toiletries inside the cabinet. Don't rely on a shelf or shower crates anymore. Also, when you need to get ready, the countertop is the perfect surface for setting down any tools, makeup, shaving supplies, or cleaning sprays.

One or two sinks. If the single bathroom in your home just is not enough, think about getting more about of the space by installing a double sink bathroom vanity. With the same cabinet and stone countertop combination, a double sink vanity is at least 60 inches wide and has two sinks. Have two people get ready at the same time in the morning. Some double sink bathroom vanities have two smaller cabinets below and matching mirrors.

Many design options. Bathroom vanities are attractive fixtures no matter where you place them or the style you choose. A traditional bathroom vanity has a wooden cabinet and stone counter combination, and distributors like ICA Furniture offer vanities in rectangular or rounded shapes and in light or dark finishes. Painted white bathroom vanities are even available for an antique look. Real stone is used for the countertop, and at ICA Furniture, you have a choice of light or patchwork marble or granite. A contemporary bathroom vanity, made out of glass and metal, is another design option.

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