Discount Bathroom Vanities Info

What are some options for increasing the value of your home on a budget? For those looking to renovate the bathroom, adding a vanity is one option. In many cases, the replacement of a sink for a bathroom vanity will increase the value of a home slightly. A bathroom vanity offers more cabinet and storage space, as well as style. Many high-end designs, in fact, are made with high-quality wood cabinets, a full granite countertop, and a porcelain sink bowl. Although additional improvements to the space can help, such as a new coat of paint on the walls, installing a bathroom vanity is often the first step.

Discount bathroom vanities are one option for renovating the space on a budget. Retailers like ICA Furniture carry various high-quality models at a lower price. In the case of ICA Furniture, the vanities are sold at wholesale. No middleman is involved, and the vanities are essentially sold at factory price.

When it comes to discount bathroom vanities, the features and style used will match many decors. Traditional styles are the most common for discount varieties, and these are made with a wooden and finished set of cabinets, a countertop, sink, and faucet. The cabinets are equipped with doors and drawers to store various items ranging from toiletries and towels to cosmetics and hair tools. The vanity, in addition, may be designed with a granite or marble countertop and a porcelain sink basin.

If efficiency is important in your space, many discount bathroom vanities are also offered in contemporary styles. These are made from glass and metal and offer homeowners the versatility of placing the sink basin and cabinets in separate locations. Additionally, the glass and metal used for many of these vanities match many types of decors, and the smaller design will fit in nearly any space.

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