Bathroom Sinks Vanities Info

Sometimes, a sink isn't enough for a bathroom, particularly a smaller-size room. In the case that you need more storage for a room, a bathroom vanity is ideal for the space. Equipped with a set of cabinets, a basin, and a countertop, bathroom sinks and vanities come in several styles and sizes. A traditional look, with wooden cabinets and a stone countertop, is the most common, but modern or contemporary designs are also gaining in popularity. These vanities are made with metal and glass and, for smaller models, have separate sinks and cabinets. Versatile for many spaces, these bathroom sinks and vanities have a sleek style that matches many decors.

When it comes to sinks, two is often better than one in a large house or apartment - especially when only one bathroom is available. If your current space gets enough traffic in the morning and evening, perhaps you should consider a double bathroom vanity. These bathroom vanities and sinks are designed with a longer countertop - 60 to 73 inches - and two basins on top. The cabinets accompanying may be two smaller doors or a large one. Either design allows two people to use the bathroom at once and offers enough interior space for linens and other items.

Smaller spaces may be benefitted better by single-sink bathroom vanities. Single sink vanities come in small and large sizes, with the largest being about 60 inches long. If space is limited, a single-sink design will give you a basin, counter space, and cabinets to store various items. Additionally, many single-sink designs come in traditional and contemporary styles. While the traditional looks consist of a wooden cabinet, stone counter top, and basin, the contemporary style consists of metal and glass cabinets and a basin. As these two components are separate, you can arrange them in your bathroom to fit your style and space needs.

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