Bathroom Vanities Info

Bathroom vanities come in many types of materials. Some luxury bathroom vanities, for example, might be dark stained bathroom vanities with a white or grey marble top. Modern and contemporary bathroom vanities, on the other hand, might be made out of a combination of glass and metal. Other options include wood rustic bathroom vanities and antique vanities for a traditional look with dark to light finished wood and ornate trim. One of the first steps when choosing a bathroom vanity, however, is to figure out how many people will be using it and how often. As bathroom sink vanities and cabinets come in a variety of materials, some styles and sizes are more practical for a family or large group of people, while decorative or small bathroom vanities are suited better to one or two people.

Bathroom vanities are an option for a large group of people or families, as cabinets for bathroom vanities give the bathroom more storage space for typical bathroom products like makeup, shaving supplies, bathroom cleaning supplies, and hair appliances. Some large bathroom vanities can even be used as a linen closet to store towels. When choosing from several bathroom sink vanities, a bathroom vanity for a large group of people should be made of durable materials that won’t become worn easily from repeated use by several people. Qualities to look for include a durable bathroom vanity top and solid cabinetry, and take into account the heights of the people who will be using the bathroom vanities. Multiple bathroom sink vanities might be necessary if children will be using the bathroom vanity, although if two or more people using the vanity are of similar heights, double sink bathroom vanities are an option.

Both large and small bathroom vanities are available in single and double sink varieties, and another aspect to consider when purchasing a bathroom vanity is what you will be storing in the cabinets. Storage area for bathroom vanities varies with the design of the structure, with some unique bathroom vanities having a rounded cabinet base, with others take a traditional design and have a standard cabinet fixture below. Many bathroom sink vanities also have top and size drawers, and these can be used to store smaller bathroom supplies. Internal space in bathroom vanities can be minimized by the depth of the sink and by the plumbing below. While small bathroom vanities can store shaving materials, makeup, hair brushes, hair appliances, and even bathroom cleaning supplies, larger bathroom vanities and sinks close to counter height offer the most space and can be used as a linen closet.

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