Pros And Cons About Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

One of the fastest and easiest ways to make a tired kitchen lively is cabinet painting. That being said, painting cabinets is a process that requires a great deal of attention to detail. Here are the positives and negatives of painting kitchen cabinets instead of getting them replaced.


Cost Painting costs much less than buying new cabinets and having them installed. If money is your main issue, painting is the way to go.

More Money to Spend Elsewhere

Even if not forced to make the most economical decision, painting is an attractive option because it gives more money to spend elsewhere. New cabinets and installation charges can cost almost half the renovation budget.

Brand New Look

Painting the cabinets can really bring a massive difference to the kitchen’s look. When done right, painted cabinets look brand new.




Won’t Work on All Cabinets

The decision to replace or paint the cabinets depends on their current status. Therefore painting is not a wise choice for all cabinets. If they are chipped, warped or have other damages, painting them would not solve the problem. Many people do not realise this and go forward and paint the cabinets anyway, making them regret it later.

Painting Cabinets Is a Long and Time-Consuming Process

If they are in good enough shape to paint, the biggest problem you can run into is the painting process itself. This involves the following.

● Taking the drawers out and doors from their hinges
● Labelling everything so that you know where everything goes
● Thoroughly cleaning to get rid of dirt and stains
● Sanding so as to get rid of the old paint surface
● Priming
● Applying multiple coats of paint
● Putting doors back in their place with new hinges and pulls

This is not only a precise process that can take an untrained painter days, but can also produce sub-par results by missing any of these steps.

Paintbrushes Leave Marks


For most non-professional painters, the paintbrush is their go-to choice for painting projects, but will typically leave unwanted brush marks behind if you use it to paint the cabinets. Try to use a spray gun, but most homeowners do not have this tool. Even if they do borrow or rent it, the spray gun can be challenging to use.

Painting the kitchen cabinets can be the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient way to give the kitchen a beautiful makeover. However, it is not a project that must be undertaken without first considering the cons and evaluating whether the work behind it is. Homeowners who paint their kitchen cabinets usually look for professional quality work that makes their cabinets look brand new again. To achieve this result without any hassle, many people hire a professional painter to perform the job.