Stained Cabinets : Pros And Cons

Stained Cabinets

When kitchen cabinets get outdated, old or damaged, people are faced with two options: replace the cabinet entirely or re-face the existing one. Replacing kitchen cabinets is expensive, so a lot of people opt for the second option because it is comparatively cheaper. Now refinishing of kitchen cabinets can be done in two ways: using paint or using stains. Here are the pros and cons of stained cabinets to help decide whether or not to invest in them.


Stains Showcase More Wood Features

Stains strike the right balance between texture and colour. This can be a definite positive sign for many homeowners. Stain, unlike paint, does not steal the spotlight from the natural character of the wood. Since the stain is thinner than paint, it can seep into the surface, hence further enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. You will be able to admire the distinctive features of wood without a doubt.

Wood Features


Stain Is Easier To Touch Up

Stain touch-up markers are much easier to find than for paint, and even if there is no exact match, there is probably a colour out there which closely resembles that stain. Touch-ups also blend better on stained cabinets, especially cabinets with wood that has a lot of grain.

Stain Generally Costs Less

In the end, what hinges decisions like these are costs. Cost is based on several factors, such as cabinet construction, kitchen size, manufacturer etc. However, stain tends to put the cost of refinishing on the lower side which is especially helpful while flipping a house, remodelling a rental one or don’t want to spend their life savings on kitchen cabinets. It typically costs less than paint, although customised options might be much more expensive.


Stain Does Not Look As Good On MDF

Medium-density fibreboard can provide massive savings when it comes to cabinets, but it does not take stain as well as it takes paint. While paint hardly looks different when it comes to MDF exteriors, stains do. It will not look as authentic as you would expect. Seek other ways to lower the cabinet cost if you want stained cabinetry.

Wood Features


Stain Shows Almost All Of Wood’s Blemishes

Some call them blemishes while others like to call it character. Some homeowners see this characteristic of staining as a good thing and believe that it adds to the beauty of it. However, some people don’t want to see the imperfections of wood, like colour inconsistencies and uneven grain distributions. Stains accentuate the details on the wood they are applied to, which allows every feature to show.

Dark Stains And Paints Do Not Hide Dust Well

This is a minus on both dark stains as well as paints. Even though lighter cabinets can chip and stain much easier, they do a pretty good job at hiding dust, which cannot be done by either dark stain or paint.